Bases de données de haïku / Haiku databases

Projets de bases de données consultables sur les haïku - Haiku databases projects

WKD (01) ... World Kigo Database . . . (WKD)
The most complete database (in a blog format) of kigos by Gabi Greve. This database of seasonal words (worldwide saijiki) will give you an opportunity to deepen the understanding of kigo issues and to appreciate the climate, life and culture of many different parts of the world. (kigopedia)


An attempt to do just that: to put into a searchable, sortable, electronic database all important haiku that have appeared in English. I began working on the project in September 1998 and so far (March 2004) have captured 98,500 haiku.
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tempslibres - free times (Serge Tomé - Belgium)

A searchable database by semantic keywords of the haiku of the site (in progress)
Une base de données des haïku du site, interrogeable par mots clés sémantiques et par auteurs (en construction)

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