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Analysis of the Haiku structure

through autumn's dusk
the computer wanes and hums
one hundred crows

dans le crépuscule d'automne
le PC peine et ronronne
une centaine de corneilles

William Sorlien, USA
cco 2011-11-1


cri des corneilles <> bruit du PC


dusk PC sound humour autumn

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* simili - Similitudes.
Use of images with common semes. The sharing of common semes (qualities, characteristics) makes images reinforce each other. There is resonance because the mind makes the relationship between the two images.

A cup of tea and a lake share the fact that they are an expanse of liquid surrounded by a rim. We can "see" the image of one in the other.

* perso - Personification.
Personification. Projection of human feelings or behaviours on things or animals.

* yugen - Yugen.
Yugen is a concept of Japanese aesthetics that can be expressed as deep, mysterious, dark, troubled.... In criticism of Japanese poetry, he expresses a subtle depth of things that are vaguely evoked in the poem.

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