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Analysis of the Haiku structure

Gare du Nord
the slow change of snow
on fake fur

Gare du Nord
le lent changement de la neige
sur une fourrure fausse

Alan Summers, England
cco 2013-01-2


L3 crée l'ouverture à la fin de ce haïku à l'atmosphère très étrange.

Juxtaposition de la "mort" de la neige et de celui de la bête (fourrure) sauf que la fourrure est fausse. Ce qui crée le trouble. Pourquoi aussi "la gare du Nord" ? Ces questions augmentent la vie du haiku dans notre mémoire.


L3 creates the opening at the end of this haiku having a so strange atmosphere.

Juxtaposition of the "death" of the snow and the death "intended" in the fur even if it is fake. That creates the embarrassment.Why "Gare du Nord" ? All those questions increase the lifetime of this haiku in our brain.


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Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* xxx - Undefined appeal.
Haïku having something undefinable that deserves further study.

* atmosphere - Atmosphere.
Something emerges from all the elements that constitute haiku: a climate, an atmosphere. The author does not state this explicitly. It is the reader who reconstructs it from his or her own experience.

This is especially true in three-segment haiku, also called "grocery list". But this effect can also be achieved in other ways.

The mention of feelings related to the weather and taste adds a multisensory dimension to the atmosphere created.

* S1 - Folded sentence.
Haiku in one folded sentence.

* allusion - Allusion to something known by the reader.
This technique refers to something that is supposed to be known to the reader. This type of haiku only works for the reader who understands the allusion. It is often a cultural element or an environment shared between the author and the reader. The reference adds a note of complicity in the speech.

ex: Liberty Market: a chain of stores in the USA.

It can also be illustrated in jargon (specialized languages shared by a community).

* fin - Final element give the clue.
A detail at the end reveals the real meaning of haiku.

* juxtaposition - Juxtaposition.
Use of images placed side by side to create an effect superior to that of each separate image. It is not a resonance effect as in similarity but rather a composition effect as in a painting or still life.

As the juxtaposed images have no or very few common semes, they compose a new global image in relation to its components.

Archetypes and dialectics

* A_Mort - Death.

Contexte de mort (deuil, décès, cimetière...) ou pulsion de mort (guerre, violence...).

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