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Analysis of the Haiku structure

UNCOS: weir! weir! -
a bleckie brustin wi sang

NEWS: war! war! -
a blackbird bursting with song

NOUVELLES : guerre ! guerre ! -
le chant soudain d'un merle

John McDonald, Scotland (UK)
cco 2016-01-1


Haïku bâti sur des oppositions : notre monde et celui des oiseaux, LES bruits de guerre et le chant d'UN oiseau. Le mot "soudain" marque l'irruption d'une image de paix, de vie dans un tumulte. C'est un peu le sauveur. A remarquer aussi, une similitude-opposition entre le merle noir et la colombe blanche de la paix.


war bird birdsong humour

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* opposition - Images in opposition.
Images with a group of opposite senses. The images are in opposition to each other. However, the opposite semes are grouped into dialectics. A dialectic is composed of opposite semes, like the two sides, poles of the same grade.

For example:
- Top and Bottom.
- Inside and Outside
- Big and Tiny

* archetype - Active archetypes.
Active presence of archetypes that have determined relationships between images. These archetypes are structures that have aggregated seeds (meanings) and are patterns inherited from the collective unconscious. These are the models that we use to organize our perception of the World.

Archetypes and dialectics

* D_VieMort - Life <> Death.

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