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Analysis of the Haiku structure

for the fire truck

pour le camion de pompiers
les cigales

Paul David Mena, USA
cco 2016-03-1


Juxtaposition inattendue. Opposition aussi entre un bruit et un silence. Ce haïku note une transition brutale, un changement soudain que l'auteur a perçu.


cicada sound

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* soudain - Sudden modification.
The haiku describes a sudden, sometimes unexpected event. He grabs something that just happened. It appears as a transition between two states: before and after.

* S21 - Caesura between L2 and L3.
Caesura between L2 and L3.

* juxtaposition - Juxtaposition.
Use of images placed side by side to create an effect superior to that of each separate image. It is not a resonance effect as in similarity but rather a composition effect as in a painting or still life.

As the juxtaposed images have no or very few common semes, they compose a new global image in relation to its components.

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