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Analysis of the Haiku structure

her black hair
veils our praying hands ...
hospice church at dusk

ses cheveux noirs
voilent nos mains qui prient ...
église de l'hospice au crépuscule

Liu Chen-ou, Canada
cco 2016-04-1


Haïku d'atmosphère très lourde. Tout concourt à planter le contexte ("noirs", "prient", "église", "hospice", "crépuscule") de ce haïku dominé par l'archétype de la Mort dans une atmosphère de fin de monde. A noter, la structure en 2+1 avec les deux éléments (hospice, crépuscule) en fin qui donnent la note majeure et explicative.


dusk church death

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* atmosphere - Atmosphere.
Something emerges from all the elements that constitute haiku: a climate, an atmosphere. The author does not state this explicitly. It is the reader who reconstructs it from his or her own experience.

This is especially true in three-segment haiku, also called "grocery list". But this effect can also be achieved in other ways.

The mention of feelings related to the weather and taste adds a multisensory dimension to the atmosphere created.

* S21 - Caesura between L2 and L3.
Caesura between L2 and L3.

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