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Analysis of the Haiku structure

le soleil
dans mon café noir

Gérard Maréchal, France
cco 2016-05-1


Une variante de la lune dans le verre ou la flaque. Il y a une liaison entre Ascension et soleil (que l'on devine alors levant). Une manière économique de parler du lever de soleil sans le nommer. On peut aussi trouver un rapprochement plus intriguant entre soleil et noir. Il s'agit évidemment d'oppositions (Haut versus Bas, Couleur versus Noir) mais on peut aussi faire le lien entre "soleil noir", une figure alchimique et Ascension, une montée vers la Lumière.


sun coffee cup color black reflection

Structure of this haiku.

Schema and motifs :

Schéma :
  Motif : mmm066 -

Used techniques :

* archetype - Active archetypes.
Active presence of archetypes that have determined relationships between images. These archetypes are structures that have aggregated seeds (meanings) and are patterns inherited from the collective unconscious. These are the models that we use to organize our perception of the World.

* opposition - Images in opposition.
Images with a group of opposite senses. The images are in opposition to each other. However, the opposite semes are grouped into dialectics. A dialectic is composed of opposite semes, like the two sides, poles of the same grade.

For example:
- Top and Bottom.
- Inside and Outside
- Big and Tiny

* yugen - Yugen.
Yugen is a concept of Japanese aesthetics that can be expressed as deep, mysterious, dark, troubled.... In criticism of Japanese poetry, he expresses a subtle depth of things that are vaguely evoked in the poem.

* culturel - Use of external cultural reference.
The haiku is based on an external cultural element, well known by the reader. There is a sharing of an environment (place, situation...) or cultural element (music, painting...) that will seek memories or sensations in the memory and experience of the reader. This device saves a lot of space, nothing else is needed, the effect is achieved by the reader's contribution.

* xxx - Undefined appeal.
Haïku having something undefinable that deserves further study.

Archetypes and dialectics

* D_ClairSombre - Light <> Darkness.

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