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Analysis of the Haiku structure

alone by candlelight
thinking of that spring we met
and another spring…

seul à la lumière d'une chandelle
je pense à ce printemps où nous nous sommes connus
et à un autre printemps...

Liu Chen-ou, Canada
cco 2016-05-2


"Quand vous serez bien vieille, au soir, à la chandelle",Ronsard (1578).C'est le même motif qui sert de cadre à ce haïku. Universalité des motifs dans l'espace et dans le temps. La chandelle, c'est la Lumière dans la Nuit, un archétype puissant. Ce point de lumière marque un élément de souvenir. A noter que le "printemps" représente la jeunesse, présent dans le poème de Ronsard.


candle light memories

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* archetype - Active archetypes.
Active presence of archetypes that have determined relationships between images. These archetypes are structures that have aggregated seeds (meanings) and are patterns inherited from the collective unconscious. These are the models that we use to organize our perception of the World.

Effects: liainc - Binding to the Unconscious

At the level: 2-prof - Deep level
Deep and non explicit structures, active objects of the unconscious.

Description level: 6-inf - Active infrastructure (archetypes, dialectics)

* culturel - Use of external cultural reference.
The haiku is based on an external cultural element, well known by the reader. There is a sharing of an environment (place, situation...) or cultural element (music, painting...) that will seek memories or sensations in the memory and experience of the reader. This device saves a lot of space, nothing else is needed, the effect is achieved by the reader's contribution.

Effects: liavec - Binding to the reader's experience.

At the level: 2-prof - Deep level
Deep and non explicit structures, active objects of the unconscious.

Description level: 5-strp - Deep structure (schemas, patterns, cultural, associations, similarities)

* atmosphere - Atmosphere.
Something emerges from all the elements that constitute haiku: a climate, an atmosphere. The author does not state this explicitly. It is the reader who reconstructs it from his or her own experience.

This is especially true in three-segment haiku, also called "grocery list". But this effect can also be achieved in other ways.

The mention of feelings related to the weather and taste adds a multisensory dimension to the atmosphere created.

Effects: liasen - Binding with sensorial feelings.

At the level: 1-surf - Surface level
Discourse, surface structures, content, subject, style.

Description level: 3-suj - Subject, content

Archetypes and dialectics

* A_Lumière - The Light.

La Lumière.
A mettre en relation avec la Lumière dans la Nuit.

* A_LumièreNuit - The Light in the Night.

Tout ce qui apparait au propre comme au figuré comme une lumière dans la nuit. Un espoir, le bout du tunnel. Un abri. Le phare. La survivance d'une chose noyée dans un univers "hostile".

* A_Temps - Time.

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