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Analysis of the Haiku structure

bain parfumé
les pommes vertes
jusque dans l’oreiller

Marlène Alexa, Egypte
cco 2017-07-2


L'originalité de ce haïku réside dans le fait que le parfum n'est pas sur l'oreiller mais dans l'oreiller. Ce petit écart inattendu lui donne sa résonnance. Il ne faut jamais oublier que le détail inattendu est un élément efficace pour donner de la force et de l'amusement.


scent fruit

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* avis - Opinion given by the author.
The author tells his/her views or an explanation. The speech is not neutral at the first level of reading/writing. This is not a haiku where the author explains to the reader what he or she should understand, usually completed and of no interest. Here, the author gives an indication that is part of the elements of the discourse in addition to the others and that is not a redundancy (redundancy, precision, explanation).

* surprise - Unexpected element.
An element of haiku is unexpected. In view of the speech, we would have thought of one element and it is another that creates a surprise effect.

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