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Analysis of the Haiku structure

tip of the storm
thunder fills the sky
with crows

Sandi Pray, USA
cco 2017-08-1


Un haïku tout en allitérations et sonorités. Intraduisible. Si on le lit à haute voix, on peut percevoir le rythme de l'action au travers des longueurs des paroles. Un haïku sonore !


thunderstorm sound noise sky bird crow

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* son - Active sounds in the text.
Use of sonorities in the text. Sound plays an active and central role in the discourse. The mention of the named sound imitates the sound heard.

* soudain - Sudden modification.
The haiku describes a sudden, sometimes unexpected event. He grabs something that just happened. It appears as a transition between two states: before and after.

* alliteration - Alliteration.
Alliteration: effect of sonorities produced by the repetition of consonants to mimic a situation. Alliteration: consonant effect - Assonance: vowel effect.

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