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Analysis of the Haiku structure

dune du Pyla
pour ses 18 ans
la face nord

Gérard Dumon, France
cco 2018-02-2


Haïku banal dira-t-on. Et pourtant, je l'ai trouvé merveilleux, magique dans sa simplicité. Le père qui guide son ado vers le sommet, qui l'élève au sens propre. Non pas sur une montagne au bout du monde, mais là, simplement, sur cette dune exceptionnelle. Rendre du merveilleux avec une situation à la portée de tout le monde, est un pur plaisir à lire.


mountain beach child humour family dune

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* simili - Similitudes.
Use of images with common semes. The sharing of common semes (qualities, characteristics) makes images reinforce each other. There is resonance because the mind makes the relationship between the two images.

A cup of tea and a lake share the fact that they are an expanse of liquid surrounded by a rim. We can "see" the image of one in the other.

* absence - The main element is not explicit.
The haiku is structured around an unnamed element to which each image refers. The interest is to save the space that would be used by naming the element while having the effect it produces.

The haiku can appear as a vault from which the scaffolding has been removed. If the haiku is well composed, the main element is absent but everything refers to it.

This technique delays storage in memory because the reader must complete the discourse with the unnamed element so that the haiku is unambiguously understandable. It then acquires a higher memory weight.

* archetype - Active archetypes.
Active presence of archetypes that have determined relationships between images. These archetypes are structures that have aggregated seeds (meanings) and are patterns inherited from the collective unconscious. These are the models that we use to organize our perception of the World.

* S3 - Three elements haiku.
Three independent elements compose the haiku. Also known as the grocery list.

* - Three elements haiku.
Three independent elements compose the haiku. Also known as the grocery list.

Archetypes and dialectics

* A_Passage - The Crossing, the Transition.

Tout ce qui est le passage d'une étape, d'une borne, d'un état à l'autre. Le franchissement d'un col, le passage d'une barrière séparant deux zones. Les ponts, solstices, nouvel-an...

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