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Analysis of the Haiku structure

the group returns
with a hundred selfies

le groupe revient
avec une centaine de selfies

Earl Keener, USA
cco 2018-05-1


Haïku moderne. Il ajoute un kigo (selfie) qui note la période et non la saison. L'évolution du monde... J'ai bien aimé la chute en L3. En ajoutant un élément inattendu, il crée une surprise et de l'humour. Efficace.


haiku humour

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* culturel - Use of external cultural reference.
The haiku is based on an external cultural element, well known by the reader. There is a sharing of an environment (place, situation...) or cultural element (music, painting...) that will seek memories or sensations in the memory and experience of the reader. This device saves a lot of space, nothing else is needed, the effect is achieved by the reader's contribution.

* fin - Final element give the clue.
A detail at the end reveals the real meaning of haiku.

* surprise - Unexpected element.
An element of haiku is unexpected. In view of the speech, we would have thought of one element and it is another that creates a surprise effect.

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