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Analysis of the Haiku structure

حديقة عمومية،
يخبئان قبلة خاطفة
خلف قبلة أطول

Jardin public,
un petit baiser
derrière un baiser plus long

Latifa Oudouhou, Maroc
cco 2018-06-2


Haïku basé sur une ellipse. L'auteure ne dit pas grand chose mais on comprend la scène.


garden love couple kiss

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* ellipse - Ellipsis.
Ellipsis: Only the minimum is said but the whole situation can be reconstruct by the reader.
This is also the case when only a part of the discourse is present. The remaining part can be guessed by the reader.

* zoom - Zoom of the discourse.
The three segments of haiku are organized with images that are closer and closer as a zoom effect.

* yugen - Yugen.
Yugen is a concept of Japanese aesthetics that can be expressed as deep, mysterious, dark, troubled.... In criticism of Japanese poetry, he expresses a subtle depth of things that are vaguely evoked in the poem.

* xxx - Undefined appeal.
Haïku having something undefinable that deserves further study.

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