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Analysis of the Haiku structure

plastic bags
trapped on barbed wire
roadside cross

des sacs plastiques
pris dans le barbelé
croix de bord de route

Sharon Rhutaseljones, Africa
cco 2019-01-1


Voici un motif étrange. Divers auteur(e)s ont remarqué l'espèce de Vie de ces bouts de plastiques pris dans des supports épineux. Je n'en ai pas trouvé de signification globale. On peut cependant relier ce motif à un schémà comprenant les poills, plumes d'animaux pris dans les barbelés. Mais ils ne partagent pas exactement les mêmes sèmes.


plastic road barbed_wire

Structure of this haiku.

Schema and motifs :

Schéma :
  Motif : mmm093 -

Used techniques :

* yugen - Yugen.
Yugen is a concept of Japanese aesthetics that can be expressed as deep, mysterious, dark, troubled.... In criticism of Japanese poetry, he expresses a subtle depth of things that are vaguely evoked in the poem.

* archetype - Active archetypes.
Active presence of archetypes that have determined relationships between images. These archetypes are structures that have aggregated seeds (meanings) and are patterns inherited from the collective unconscious. These are the models that we use to organize our perception of the World.

* atmosphere - Atmosphere.
Something emerges from all the elements that constitute haiku: a climate, an atmosphere. The author does not state this explicitly. It is the reader who reconstructs it from his or her own experience.

This is especially true in three-segment haiku, also called "grocery list". But this effect can also be achieved in other ways.

The mention of feelings related to the weather and taste adds a multisensory dimension to the atmosphere created.

* S21 - Caesura between L2 and L3.
Caesura between L2 and L3.

* fin - Final element give the clue.
A detail at the end reveals the real meaning of haiku.

* - Final element give the clue.
A detail at the end reveals the real meaning of haiku.

Archetypes and dialectics

* A_Mort - Death.

Contexte de mort (deuil, décès, cimetière...) ou pulsion de mort (guerre, violence...).

* A_Rencontre - The Unexpected Encounter.

La rencontre fortuite entre deux êtres avec un moment où quelque chose se passe entre eux.

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