Le Saint-Laurent en hiver : Baie-Comeau, QC - Diane Lebel

Road to the North

Project description


On the Road to the North ...

To mention Basho's initiatory journey.

Territory definition

I use the definition of the Canadian geographer Louis-Edmond Hamelin. According to this criterion, the main part of Canada except the south of Vancouver Island, the lands bording the USA, the Prairies, the Quebec-Windsor corridor and the main part of the Maritimes.

It would be useful to include the winters of the Quebec-Windsor corridor.


  • To present haiku and related genres about the North.
  • To create a reference base for subjects, authors, bibliography.
  • To develop contacts
  • To underline cooperation.
  • To make people dream !

Mode of operation

The project will use techniques of sharing and correspondents. Cooperations will be explored and concurrence avoided. The objectives will be to open a new way, both thank to the subject and the method.

Language of the site

  • The site is bilingual French-English. The translation won't be complete but will be covered as much as possible, mainly from English to French (according the possibilities).


Maximal sobriety.


Haïku, renku, tanka, haibun, haiga, photo-haiku, very short poetry.

Site structure

A page structure with :

Haïku :

  • by season
  • by meteorological phenonenons
  • by region
  • by themes : Road, Space, Night, migrating birds, northern lights...

Articles, essays related to the feeling of nordicity and its influence on the writing of the dealed genres.

A directory of authors with a page by author.

A directory of links, of literary resources related with the genres, of associations, groups of the zone.

A bibliography of haiku, renku publications but also of literary works or pictures of the North zone.

Site techniques

Web pages will be static and dynamic (a technique developped for the 575 review). Haiku will be stored in a database to produce web pages with various possibilities. A database of photographs will also be created.


The present cooperators are :

  • Francine Chicoine (Côte-Nord, Canada)
  • Claude Rodrigue (Côte-Nord, Canada)
  • Billie Wilson (Alaska, USA)

Copyright auteurs, 2008