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Analysis of the Haiku structure

outlined in rain the contours of a spring love affair

Barbara Kaufmann, USA
cco 2016-04-1


Haïku énigmatique en une ligne. Utilisation de la météo pour planter le contexte. On se doute que l'affaire va mal ou peut-être passera-t-elle comme une pluie de printemps. Le haïku en une ligne est une technique qui complique la compréhension. Il ne s'agit pas d'une phrase mais de deux ou trois segments accolés. C'est au lecteur de les séparer. Il faut donc une analyse supplémentaire avant de bien le comprendre. L'énergie et e temps mis en oeuvre, mais aussi l'indécision, enrichissent le discours dans la phase de liage. Sans compter les interprétations multiples toujours possible.


love rain

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* L1 - One line haiku.
One line haiku. This arrangement, which is similar to Japanese haiku, leaves the reader to grasp where the breaks are. The elements follow one another but constitute several blocks that the mind cuts out by images.

Effects: decod - Decoding the structure.
Affects the time required to understand the speech by the time required to decode the structure. Groups the elements by physical and temporal caesuras.

At the level: 0-form - Formal level
Formal appearance, written forms.

Description level: 1-pres - Formal representation

* meteo - Meteo used to create an atmosphere.
Use in a haiku segment of a reference to the weather (weather conditions) that provides more than just the mention of the weather as a background. The reference refers to a state of weather that has physical (cold rain, sudden hail, frost,...) or psychological (overcast sky, storm warning, sultry afternoon...) effects. These effects are mainly felt through the skin (contact, temperature,...); which connects the author/reader to the World (his direct environment).

The mentioned weather and its effects share a set of semes (brutality, unpredictability, "cold", psychologically oppressive climate,...) with the situation experienced by the author.

A sudden and unpleasant change of situation shares semes (brutality, unpredictability, impact) with a sudden storm, hail, cold rain. A hard time to live, a disappointment, with a cold rain. An overcast weather before the rain shares with a moment when we fear the occurrence of events that we fear.

Although the meteo is often used as a marker (kigo - word of season), it sometimes brings more than just the place in the season or the context of the moment.

Effects: liasen - Binding with sensorial feelings.

At the level: 1-surf - Surface level
Discourse, surface structures, content, subject, style.

Description level: 3-suj - Subject, content

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