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Analysis of the Haiku structure

a cailleach cried Mary
her bairn streekit on'r laup
...weir memorial

an old lady called Mary
her child streatched on her lap
...war memorial

une vieille dame appelée Mary
son enfant étendu sur ses genoux
... mémorial de guerre

John McDonald, Scotland (UK)
cco 2016-05-2


Haïku engagé. Le message est sous-jacent. C'est ainsi qu'ils sont les mieux réussis.


war death cemetery

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* engagé - Haïku taking a stand.
Haïku taking a stand, haiku committed. Generally, a political haiku but there can be a commitment for other causes (humanitarian, environmental...). These haikus are difficult to succeed because the message must not be explicit and spoil the quality of the discourse.

Effects: liavec - Binding to the reader's experience.

At the level: 1-surf - Surface level
Discourse, surface structures, content, subject, style.

Description level: 3-aut - Author's role

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