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Analysis of the Haiku structure

une mouche s├Ęche s'├ęparpille
sur le linoleum

Lucia Supova, Luxembourg
cco 2002-09-1


silence fly insect sunset

Structure of this haiku.

Used techniques :

* association - Associations.
Images in association. Interaction comes from the sharing of only a part of the semes. However, the relationship is stronger than in the juxtaposition that places images side by side without semantic relationships (sharing of semes) between them.

ex: fireworks (small dots - luminous - close - ephemeral) and
stars (small dots - bright - distant - eternal)

Here, the association is based on the first two elements of description (semes)

Effects: liadyn - Binding with dynamics effects

At the level: 2-prof - Deep level
Deep and non explicit structures, active objects of the unconscious.

Description level: 5-strp - Deep structure (schemas, patterns, cultural, associations, similarities)

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