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Year 2001 : from June 1st to 15th

restless night
the morning starts
without me

nuit blanche
le matin commence
sans moi

published as part of a haibun titled "A Crow Not Settled" in _stone frog: American Haibun and Haiga_ (Red Moon Press, 2001)

Carolyn Hall
San Francisco CA USA

my daughter's graduation
tightening the knot
on my necktie

(remise de diplôme de ma fille
je serre le noeud
de ma cravate)

Paul David Mena
Wayland, Massachusetts USA

crowded train station --
the tap tap thump
of a blind man's cane

(cohue dans la gare --
le tap tap
de la canne d'un aveugle)

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Paul David Mena
Wayland, Massachusetts USA

purple irises
stand still
rain or shine

iris pourpres
pluie ou soleil

stand still : immobiles, suspendu dans le sens 'temps suspendu'

Oceanside, California USA

after the guests leave
the lilies

après que les invités soient partis
les lys

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Robert Scott
Stockholm Suede

carousel music
the little girl's smile
comes round again

musique du carousel
le sourire de la petite fille
repasse à nouveau

musique du carousel
le sourire de la petite fille
passe et repasse

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Sheila Windsor
Worcestershire England

my sweaty skin --
enough for three weeks
his ironed shirts

(ma peau moite --
assez pour trois semaines
de ses chemises repassées)

Alenka Zorman
Ljubljana Slovenia

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)