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Year 2008 : from June 1st to 15th

high summer--
the sounds and smells
of a traveling fair

coeur de l'été --
les sons et odeurs
d'une foire ambulante

Mary Lee McClure
Kokomo, Indiana USA

abandoned house --
children picking mangoes
in the yard

maison abandonnée --
les enfants cueillent des mangues
dans le jardin

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Roh Mih
Metro Manilla the Philippines

June rain stopped---
a drunk waters some more
the lilacs

la pluie de juin a cessé --
un ivrogne arrose encore un peu
les lilas

Fred Masarani
New-York City, NY USA

morning haze---
an exhibitionist keeps
the curtains closed

brume du matin ---
un exhibitionniste garde
les rideaux fermés

Fred Masarani
New-York City, NY USA

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)