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Year 2012 : from April 1st to 15th

night breeze
carries a moth
to the moon

la brise de nuit
entraine un papillon
vers la lune

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(Bluecrab) Dica
southeastern United States USA

lonely butterfly
in the quiet morning light
where are you going?

papillon solitaire
dans la lumière calme du matin
où vas-tu ?

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(Bluecrab) Dica
southeastern United States USA

quiet dawn-
in the oak tree
mourning doves

aube tranquille-
dans le chêne
des colombes de deuil

Mourning dove : Zenaida macroura : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mourning_Dove

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(Bluecrab) Dica
southeastern United States USA

Just a small basket
filled with hidden treasures
she carries proudly

juste un petit panier
rempli de trésors cachés
qu'elle porte fièrement

April 9th is an anniversary of the murder of Pastor Bonhoeffer by the Nazis.
A story he always told was how his 91 year old grandmother, Frau Julie Bonhoeffer defied the Nazis and bought strawberries from a Jewish merchant -- the last time that was allowed. Faith and courage seem to run in the family

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Miami USA

an ant in my bed-
for the two of us
not enough room

une fourmi dans mon lit -
pour nous deux
trop peu de place

World Haiku Review Senryu contest honorable mention - work of merit
December 2003

Adelaide Shaw
Somers, NY USA

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)