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Year 2013 : from January 16th to 31th

Piazza deserta
coi resti del mercato
e sono solo

Desert square
with remnants of the market
I am alone

Place déserte
avec les restes du marché
je suis seul

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Paul Anthony
Loughborough UK

pioggia o neve
mentre cammino penso
alla mia casa

rain or snow
when I am walking
I think of my home

pluie et neige
quand je marche
je pense à ma maison

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Tarquinio Brodo
Southampton England

thunder snow
the wind-shifting scent
of fox

tonnerre de neige
amenée par le vent l'odeur
du renard

Publications credits: fox dreams (April 2012) edited by Aubrie Cox

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Alan Summers
Chippenham, Wiltshire England

Gare du Nord
the slow change of snow
on fake fur

Gare du Nord
le lent changement de la neige
sur une fausse fourrure

Publications credits: Blithe Spirit (Vol. 22 no. 2 May 2012)

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L3 creates the opening at the end of this haiku having a so strange atmosphere.

Juxtaposition of the "death" of the snow and the death "intended" in the fur even if it is fake. That creates the emb
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Alan Summers
Chippenham, Wiltshire England

almost lost
among the shifting hues
of dusk
the faint calligraphy
of swans

red lights V9 N1 January 2013

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Paul Smith

Chambre funéraire / Dernière visite à mon père / Blanc pur de la neige

Kukai de Paris

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Danièle Etienne-Georgelin
Chaumont S/Loire France

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)