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Year 2014 : from September 16th to 30th

as old as I feel
on a gray morning . . .
autumn equinox

aussi vieux que je me sente
en ce matin gris . . . .
équinoxe d'automne

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Bill Kenney
New-York USA

evening calm
her garden the color
of moonlight

calme du soir
son jardin de la couleur
du clair de lune

Indi Kukai September 2014; Kigo: "moon"

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Bill Kenney
New-York USA

first dawn alone-
the widow eats his half
of the orange

première aube seule -
la veuve mange sa moitié
de l'orange

First Place, free format category/Shiku kukai Sept 2013

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Alegria Imperial
Vancouver, BC Canada

in dark river water, shapes of things from the human world

dans l'eau sombre de la rivière, les formes de choses du monde humain

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Mark Holloway

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)