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Year 2022 : from November 1st to 15th

potron minet
la fraîcheur de l’aube
rentre avec le chat

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-11-11

>>> Analyse...
A deft discourse. Even if it is not written objectively, one feels the cold-coated cat coming home. Two readings of L2-L3 are therefore possible. A figure to be well analyzed. Note the link between "p ... >>> la suite...

Choupie Moysan
Vannes France

Jour des morts
un couple de papillons blancs
de tombes en tombes

Un Haïku par Jour, 2022-11-12

>>> Analyse...
Strange discourse and more profound than it seems. On the surface, two butterflies go to a cemetery. An allusion, association with the traditions in this period of All Saints' Day. It is also the arch ... >>> la suite...

Domerat France

jeu de cache-cache
d'un wagon à l'autre
des ombres muettes

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-11-11

>>> Analyse...
The discourse refers to the shifting shadows produced by the sun on a moving train. This is a rare instance of the sun/moon motif moving from one room/place to another over time. Complete inversion of ... >>> la suite...

Marie Jeanne Sakhinis-De Meis
Sète France

lune de l'aube ~
une nappe noire au fond
de la citerne d'huile

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-11-09

>>> Analyse...
Author's note: This is olive oil. The Tunisians and the inhabitants of the olive-growing regions in particular have the tradition of stocking up on oil "ooûla d'huile" during the season of the olive ... >>> la suite...

Sarra Masmoudi
Tunis Tunisie

croc croc
le son des cornichons
l'été au vinaigre

Un Haïku par Jour, 2022-11-12

>>> Analyse...
Haikus with sounds (onomatopoeia) are rare and difficult to do. Difficult especially by the choice of use. If you look closely, the speech is all in sounds, some mimicking the sound of pickles crunchi ... >>> la suite...

Choupie Moysan
Vannes France

les yeux du chat
se ferment lentement
lune voilée

178ème Kukaï de Paris

>>> Analyse...
Haiku based on an association of elements (L1-l2 and L3) having some semes (elements of meaning) in common. Here, the slowness, the temporary character, a little mystery. The bringing together of thes ... >>> la suite...

Mélanie Bosc
Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume France

hay-scented wind
I never imagined
my hair being blonde

le vent sent le foin
Je n'ai jamais imaginé
que mes cheveux soient blonds


>>> Analyse...
Haiku engaging several senses (sensations) smell, always effective and color. Even if the author talks about herself, the strength of the speech lies in the unexpected end (for the reader but also for ... >>> la suite...

Daniela Misso

givre matinal ~
le piquant
du radis noir

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-11-07

>>> Analyse...
Haiku based on a deep and, here, implicit similarity between "frost" and "prickly". Both share the seme (element of meaning) piquant. The activity is also based on the opposition, also implicit, betwe ... >>> la suite...

Raphaël Detrie

the far side
of a full moon

migraine --
l'autre côté
d'une pleine lune

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku - Day 9

>>> Analyse...

Hifsa Ashraf
Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

rare family dinner
the taste of red chili
burns the silence

un rare dîner en famille
le goût du chili rouge
brûle le silence

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku - Day 8

>>> Analyse...
The discourse of this haiku rests at the same time on a heavy atmosphere of a family dinner, let us say complicated, and on the archetypes of an active Point (the pepper) and of the Color (red). This ... >>> la suite...

Hifsa Ashraf
Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

Nuit froide -
un homme ramène
une poussette vide

Facebook, 2022-11-15

>>> Analyse...
Haiku based on an implicit opposition: an empty stroller, an atmosphere served by a weather element (L1) and a bit of mystery. Why is this stroller empty? Unanswered question, even suggested by the au ... >>> la suite...

Christophe Jubien
Chartres France

soins palliatifs --
enlacés dans un lit
à une place

dans un lit à une place
soins palliatifs


>>> Analyse...
Two versions of the same discourse. When I asked her permission for the haiku (1st text), the author sent me the second version which she thought was better. I chose to show both because it illustrate ... >>> la suite...

Huguette Ducharme
Boucherville, QC Canada

Crac !
Il gît sur ses dernières feuilles
l’arbre abattu

Facebook, 2022-10-31

>>> Analyse...
The strength of this haiku lies in the dynamics deduced from the succession between the onomatopoeia (the sound of the collapse in L1) and the author's description in L2-L3. Rather even in L3 because ... >>> la suite...

Gérard Dumon
Camaret France

éclipse de lune ~
soudain le désir de revoir ma mère

Facebook, 2022-11-09

>>> Analyse...
I like these haikus of enigmatic atmosphere and deep intimate discourse. The activity of the speech is helped by a cosmic reference, more effective than a weather reference. This link between lunar an ... >>> la suite...

Rachida Jerbi
Tunis Tunisie

pleine lune de novembre ~
la citrouille partagée entre voisins

Facebook, 2022-11-08

>>> Analyse...
Similarity and opposition between moon and pumpkin. But for me, the activity comes from sharing in L2. There's like an image of sharing the world. A little pumpkin Yalta that adds comic relief to the ... >>> la suite...

Rachida Jerbi
Tunis Tunisie

feuilles mortes~
étincelant de vie le kaki tombé l'arbre

Facebook, 2022-11-05

>>> Analyse...
Haiku based on oppositions between Life and Death, between faded and bright with the similarity of having fallen from the tree. One finds there the motive of the Life again a little. Note that the eff ... >>> la suite...

Rachida Jerbi
Tunis Tunisie

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