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Year 2022 : from November 16th to 30th

ronde des flocons
et je touille et je touille
mon café sans sucre

in "d'une rive à l'autre", Ed. unicité, 2022

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Haïku based on the usual oppositions Interior versus Exterior, Hot versus Cold BUT its activity does not lie there. It is rather the similarity of the white of the flakes and the sugar (absent) and t ... >>> la suite...

Patrick Fetu
Taverny France

solstice de printemps
le bruit des bombes
crève l'écran

in Aux côtés de Santoka, ed. unicité, 2021

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Danièle Duteil
Locoal-Mendon, Morbihan France

overloaded cart
in the donkey’s eyes
dusk deepens

charrette surchargée
dans les yeux de l'âne
le crépuscule gagne

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku - Day 14

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Haiku of "end of the world / doomsday" atmosphere for the donkey. The speech is supported, not by a weather reference, but by a moment of the day, which since the beginning of time (human) is frighten ... >>> la suite...

Hifsa Ashraf
Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

dinner alone
the aroma of garam masala
mixed with fog

dîner seule
l'arôme du garam masala
mélangé au brouillard

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku - Day 15

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A strange discourse. The atmosphere of solitude is carried by a strong opposition between the spice mix and the fog. Both in terms of the sensation of heat and color. The garam is "hot" (according to ... >>> la suite...

Hifsa Ashraf
Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

junkyard truck
. . . rust flaking
onto fallen leaves

camion de ferrailleur
. ... la rouille s'écaille
sur les feuilles mortes

Facebook, 2022-11-29

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Similarity of colors, but also of fates. That of the leaves, that of the metals. The discourse is thus also carried by the archetype of the Fall but one can also see there that of the Cycle of the thi ... >>> la suite...

Bill Waters
Pennington, New Jersey USA

the glow
in a stray cat's eyes
sickle moon

la lueur
dans les yeux d'un chat errant
croissant de lune

Cattails October 2022

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Sandi Pray
Robbinsville, North Carolina USA

thé au gingembre
le gris grignote le bleu
du ciel landais

Facebook, 2022-11-19

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This haiku is based on a motif of oppositions between Interior and Exterior, between Hot (tea) versus Cold (assumed by the gray of the sky). Added to this is the taste of ginger, both fresh and hot, i ... >>> la suite...

Evelyne Bélard
Angaïs, Aquitaine France

toute la journée
sans rien à faire
le lampadaire

Facebook, 2022-11-18

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Hamid Wahibi
Tanger Maroc

Ruisseau tranquille
l’éclair bleu de mon premier

in L'intrus aux chouchous roses, Ed. Via Domitia, 2022

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This haiku is based on the effect of suddenness but especially on the archetype of the active point of blue color. This point in this color is a perception that has a particular effect in our unconsci ... >>> la suite...

Jean-Paul Gallmann
Lauterbourg France

Balade avec jumelles
il observe
le deuxième kilomètre

in L'intrus aux chouchous roses, Ed. Via Domitia, 2022

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Jean-Paul Gallmann
Lauterbourg France

Le bruit des chenilles
dans les rues ukrainiennes
explosion de jonquilles

in Bruissement d'ailes, , Ed. Via Domitia, 2022

>>> Analyse...
The Life that overcomes the Death. A strong archetype at work in this discourse. Note that this one flips and changes meaning just at the last word, forcing the reader to re-evaluate the overall meani ... >>> la suite...

Françoise Maurice

Image haiga

pluie de l'aube
déjà sur les pavés
les lumières des bureaux

Facebook, 2022-11-17

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The motif on which this haiku is based, an opposition of Heaven in the puddle, is treated in a derivative way. It is not Heaven but the Light of the tall office buildings. Note that, in this image, th ... >>> la suite...

Marie-France Evrard
Bruxelles Belgique

trainspottin -
myndin the auld puffers
...freesty braith

trainspotting -
remembering the old puffers
...frosty breath

(amateur de trains -
se souvenant des vieilles vapeurs
... l'haleine givrée)

trainspotting : amateur et observateur de trains et matériel ferrovière.

>>> Analyse...
Complex discourse and difficult to understand for those who are not from the milieu. It speaks about the enthusiasts of old railway equipment (steam locomotives, particularly honored in England). Beyo ... >>> la suite...

John McDonald
Edinburgh Scotland (UK)

fauteuil de jardin -
de tout son long
un escargot s'étire

Carnet d'un Haijin

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Damien Gabriels
Leers France

Alzheimer's ward
she whistles a song
I don't know

sie pfeift ein Lied
das ich nicht kenne

Unité Alzheimer
elle sifffle une chanson
que je ne connais pas

>>> Analyse...
Haiku with a discourse based on surprise and the shift in meaning. One would have expected something else in L3 and is surprised; the meaning of the discourse changes, forcing the reader to re-evaluat ... >>> la suite...

Eva Limbach
Saarbrücken Germany

morning shave
pulling my face
into dad's face

Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Nov. 2022

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Haiku with a discourse of meeting between the author and an image of the past, which is similar to him, his father. It is a classic motif of literature, that of the Reflection in the Mirror. The Othe ... >>> la suite...

John Hawkhead

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)