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Year 2022 : from December 1st to 15th

late-night train
the mother's lullaby
for everyone

train de fin de soirée
la berceuse de la mère
pour tous

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku.

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The train, at night, is a motif very loaded with connotations: the Journey, the Night, the Safe Route... The discourse here, however, is about a limited journey (eliminating the journey). It is rather ... >>> la suite...

Hifsa Ashraf
Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

the story of a migrant
sea water foam

Published in The Heron's Nest, Volume XXIV, Number 4: December 2022

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Hifsa Ashraf
Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan

bare tree
wrapped in the mist
the homeless man

arbre dénudé
enveloppé dans la brume
le sans-abri

Haiku Foundation Monthly Kukai, Nov 2022

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Eléonore Nickolay
Vaires sur Marne France

Image haiga

La Samaritaine
le bling-bling
de son déhanché

the bling-bling
of her lopsided posture

Facebook, 2022-12-09

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Minh-Triết Phạm
Paris France

construction site —
even in the dark
the fragrance of lumber

chantier de construction -
même dans l'obscurité
le parfum du bois d'oeuvre

Published in Brass Bell: A Haiku Journal, 12/1/22. (Theme: night haiku.)

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The discourse of this haiku is based on smell, a sensation always rich in connotations and reminders of memories (see Proust's madeleine as an example). But the strength of the haiku lies rather in th ... >>> la suite...

Bill Waters
Pennington, New Jersey USA

after the holidays
the bitterness
of office coffee

après les vacances
du café du bureau

Week's Haiku Dialogue column of the Haiku Foundation

>>> Analyse...
A usual motif playing on the double meaning of the word "bitterness". It links two perceptions: one of atmosphere or situation, the other of taste. The originality of the discourse is that the situati ... >>> la suite...

John Pappas
Boston (MA) USA

lune froide ~
le lit de la voisine
plié dans le palier

Facebook, 2022-12-08

>>> Analyse...
The discourse here is based on an allusion; that is, the author speaks of a situation sufficiently known or by the reader to allow for an ellipse (shortcut). By putting L1 (cold) and L3 (finished use) ... >>> la suite...

Sarra Masmoudi
Tunis Tunisie

Image haiga

infos du jour -
je me brûle la langue
au premier café

L'art du haïsha, 2022-12-09

>>> Analyse...
Another coffee-related motif in this speech: the connection between the drink and the situation. Quite rare as an Interior versus Exterior opposition. It's more the physical than the "psychological" t ... >>> la suite...

Sébastien Revon

nuit étouffante
le chuchottement frais
des arrosages

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Christine Ourliac
Paris France

Image haiga

traces de chocolat
sur les joues de grand-maman
jour de Pâques

in Saisir la brume

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Monique Levesque
Baie Comeau, QC Canada

Image haiga

loin des guirlandes
des lumières des bureaux
~ vapeur de brume

Facebook, 2022-12-13

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Haiku with a discourse based on oppositions: Light (lights) versus Dark (mist), Heavy (buildings) versus Light (mist, steam), Anthropic (man-made objects) versus Nature (weather). A nice effect also l ... >>> la suite...

Anne Dealbert

moins de sucre
dans mon café
matin de neige

Facebook, 2022-12-13

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Haiku with the usual speech putting in relationship, sugar, cold outside and morning. Here, however, in a rare way, sugar is not used as a compensation but in similarity with snow. So, a haiku that ch ... >>> la suite...

Elsa Querne
Pontault Combault France

attendant le printemps
une envie soudaine
de rouge à lèvres

in Je pense à toi !, Collectif Françoise Maurice, Pippa 2021

>>> Analyse...
The archetypes of Color and Active Point are at work in this discourse. The author talks about herself but, fortunately, without quoting herself. She is in (implicitly and out (explicitly) of the spee ... >>> la suite...

Françoise Maurice

Du vert intense
en écossant les petits pois -
moment suspendu

in Je pense à toi !, Collectif Françoise Maurice, Pippa 2021

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Sophie Alleigre

l'or froissé
d'une couverture de survie
sur la neige

in Je pense à toi !, Collectif Françoise Maurice, Pippa 2021

>>> Analyse...
A rare opposition between "gold" and "white", especially in this context. A rich image with connotations of joy and beauty used in a completely different context. That of a serious accident or a peril ... >>> la suite...

Monique Serres

nuit d'hôpital -
à la télé une émission
sur Soulages

in Je pense à toi !, Collectif Françoise Maurice, Pippa 2021

>>> Analyse...
The speech of this haiku relates to an atmopshere and especially on a personal impression expressed by a cultural allusion (black color of the paintings of the painter Soulages). It mimes; by the sens ... >>> la suite...

Michel Duflo

sous son masque
juste pour elle
le rouge à lèvres

in Je pense à toi !, Collectif Françoise Maurice, Pippa 2021

>>> Analyse...
Haiku with a minimalist discourse but just enough for the reader to reconstruct the situation with his or her experience or knowledge. It is carried by several strong archetypes: Life, Color (red is i ... >>> la suite...

Coralie Creuzet
Laroque-des-Albères,Pyrénées-Orientales France

longues nuits
sous le plafond immaculé
l'ombre des infirmières

in Je pense à toi !, Collectif Françoise Maurice, Pippa 2021

>>> Analyse...
A very exact discourse on this strange atmosphere of the nights in the hospital. To note the way of saying it with an important distance between the shadows and the people. The end (shadow) further ac ... >>> la suite...

Domerat France

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)