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Year 2022 : from December 16th to 31th

fixed smile
on the inflatable seal
my wild youth

sourire fixe
sur le phoque gonflable
ma jeunesse sauvage

Week’s Haiku Dialogue column from The Haiku Foundation

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A haiku based on memory. The author uses a similarity-opposition between the buoy's smile and his youth. Similarity for the "wildness" of the youth and the mockery of the seal. Opposition between an o ... >>> la suite...

John Pappas
Boston (MA) USA

a pink world ...
behind the fence
pigs' noses

un mondo rosa ...
dietro lo steccato
nasi dei maiali

un monde rose ...
derrière la barrière
les nez de cochon

Week’s Haiku Dialogue column from The Haiku Foundation

>>> Analyse...
An opposition between the pink world of innocent life and the brutal death that will follow, expressed by the fence. ... >>> la suite...

Daniela Misso

Image haiga

Iranische Schwestern...
mein Haar weht
offen im Wind

Sœurs iraniennes...
mes cheveux flottent
dénoués dans le vent

Facebook, 2022-12-21

>>> Analyse...
Haïku based on a parallelism (Here and There), an opposition-similarity (They and I). The discourse is linked to current events and might not be understandable in a few years. This is the danger of t ... >>> la suite...

Eléonore Nickolay
Vaires sur Marne France

fin décembre
sur les ailes humides des pigeons
un peu de jour

Facebook, 2022-12-29

>>> Analyse...
A haiku on the motif of the Light which still persists a little high in the sky. It is in this case a deep parallelism between what the author sees and the minimum of light of the winter solstice. It ... >>> la suite...

Anne Dealbert

encore un peu de boue
du sentier à mes chaussures
dernier jour de l'an

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-12-31

>>> Analyse...
Haiku marked by the passage of the year. The new year is perceived as a milestone that we pass, a passage from one period to another. Here, something, a detail follows the author through this door. No ... >>> la suite...

Elsa Querne
Pontault Combault France

photo sur la tombe
nos regards se croisent
vingt ans qu'elle sourit

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-12-31

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Choupie Moysan
Vannes France

mes souliers vernis
avec un peu de poussière
de l'année écoulée

Un Haïku par jour, 2022-12-31

>>> Analyse...
A haiku based on the motif of something passing a milestone (archetype of the Passage). It is explicitly about dust that can be compared to the dust of the world of Chinese Taoist poets (red dust = va ... >>> la suite...

Gérard Mathern
Claix, Rhône-Alpes France

approaching fire
paw prints
in the cinders

le feu approche
des empreintes de pattes
dans les cendres

published in Presence Issue 74

>>> Analyse...
This haiku is based on an elliptical discourse, which does not specify clearly the situation in order to make better appropriate the discourse by the reader. One feels the threat, the past or future D ... >>> la suite...

Cynthia Rowe
Sydney Australia

vieille maison -
le potager en friche
fleuri de soucis

Carnets d'un haïjin

>>> Analyse...
At first sight, the discourse is based on an opposition between an old, abandoned house (because the garden is fallow) under the archetype of the Fall and flowers in the garden (archetype of Life in s ... >>> la suite...

Damien Gabriels
Leers France

écartant les feuilles
pour un peu de soleil encore
sur les fraises d'octobre

Carnets d'un haïjin

>>> Analyse...
Haiku based on the archetype of the Light that takes refuge somewhere. It is most often on the wings of birds in the high evening sky. Here, more rarely, on plants. A little Light in the shadow, the d ... >>> la suite...

Damien Gabriels
Leers France

première gelée blanche -
frissons pour le prunus
... planté hier

Carnets d'un haïjin

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Damien Gabriels
Leers France

lever de lune -
en quartiers je découpe
un potimarron

Carnets d'un haïjin

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Damien Gabriels
Leers France

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