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Year 2023 : from January 16th to 31th

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Le jour s'allonge
un peu plus de citron
dans mon thé

Le Coucou du Haïku, 2023-01-29 - peinture Angela Moullon

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A rare haiku where, in response to external weather, something other than sugar is added. Also, this weather is actually a change in the length of the day (lightning) and not a temperature effect. The ... >>> la suite...

Isabelle Lamant Meunier
Aubervilliers France

lingering fog
a song
I can't quite remember

brouillard persistant
une chanson
dont je ne me souviens pas bien

Facebook, 2023-01-20

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Atmosphere haiku where the author talks about memory problems through a foggy weather (similarity). Occultation (psychological) or beginning of memory loss (archetype of the Fall)? The speech leaves a ... >>> la suite...

Paul David Mena
Wayland, Massachusetts USA

soleil pâle ~
sur la palme sursaute l'ombre d'un oiseau

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Rachida Jerbi
Tunis Tunisie

"Quoi de neuf"
Facebook me demande
Entre deux averses de pluie

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An interesting haiku because it confronts two worlds: the virtual (Facebook) and the real (rain). But also two places: here and there (Facebook). Note that the structure in 2+1 works better than if it ... >>> la suite...

Latifa Oudouhou
Ouarzazate Maroc

first snow . . .
next to the new calendar
a clean slate

première neige . . .
à côté du nouveau calendrier
une ardoise vide

Facebook, 2022-12-31

>>> Analyse...
Haiku of similarity between the snow (empty of details) and the empty slate (of things to do). Note that the speech only acquires its meaning at the very last word, forcing the reader to re-evaluate t ... >>> la suite...

Carol Raisfeld
Atlantic Beach, New-York USA

la punaise morte
enterrée peu à peu
- pluie martelante

Un Haiku par jour, 2023-01-29

>>> Analyse...
Haiku of weighty atmosphere carried by the archetype of the Death. One feels the burial to be accomplished. The atmosphere is assisted by the weather, rather harsh (like the speech). To note the pause ... >>> la suite...

Laurence Faucher-Barrère
Perpignan France

matin de grisaille
bien seul à se lever
mon store

Facebook, 2023-01-27

>>> Analyse...
Haiku with a banal discourse if it is not its organization placing the subject at the extreme end in order to provide the reader with a surprise. To note also an implicit personification which makes p ... >>> la suite...

Elsa Querne
Pontault Combault France

soir d’été
à l’arrêt de bus le temps
d’écrire un haïku

Estran n.1

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Anne Dealbert

début de l'Avent -
le lilas n'a pu retenir
sa dernière feuille

>>> Analyse...
The success of this discourse is based on a shift in meaning at its extreme end. A surprise that also forces the reader to re-evaluate the discourse despite the fact that it seemed clear at the end of ... >>> la suite...

Damien Gabriels
Leers France

deep winter
the sound of gran’s
knitting needles

coeur de l’hiver
le bruit des aiguilles à tricoter
de mamie

Twitter, 2023-01

>>> Analyse...
Haiku with a thick but not heavy atmosphere. Here, it is silence that is the core of the discourse, even if it is not named and only appears with its disturbance by the sound of knitting needles. Note ... >>> la suite...

Mona Bedi
Delhi India

cool darkness—
waking to the hum
of the fridge

obscurité froide—
réveillé par le bourdonnement
du réfrigérateur

Bottle Rockets, #34, 2016

>>> Analyse...
A very strange haiku. One could have the impression of a nightmare inside a refrigerator. We are dealing here with possible multiple readings due to a superposition of fragments of discourse. L1: wher ... >>> la suite...

Nicholas David Klacsanzky
Seattle USA

moon song
grandma sings the baby
a first lullaby

chanson de la lune
grand-mère chante au bébé
une première berceuse

Twitter, 2023-01-19

>>> Analyse...
The semantic core of the discourse is based on the archetype of the Cycle (Lunation, Life) but also of growth (Moon, baby). The mention of the moon links the story to the "Cosmos", here in the primary ... >>> la suite...

Marilyn Ward
Scunthorpe , Lincolnshire UK

autumn twilight
on my fingers the resin
of a cypress sprig

crépuscule d'automne
sur mes doigts la résine
d'une branche de cyprès

in Blithe Spirit 32.4

>>> Analyse...
Haiku with the discourse carried by the archetype of the Fall, here the end of the day, of the summer, of the wounded or cut branch of the cypress. It also appeals to several sensations: the Light whi ... >>> la suite...

Daniela Misso

first cool night
smell of pipe tobacco
in the stairwell

première nuit fraîche
odeur de tabac à pipe
dans la cage d'escalier

in Blithe Spirit 32.4

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Daniela Misso

lingering frost
the unspoken words
between us

gelée persistante
les mots non prononcés
entre nous

Twitter, 2023-01-1

>>> Analyse...
A haiku is qualified as a weather haiku when it associates the described atmosphere with the physical sensations of an external situation. The author calls up these sensations to illustrate the atmosp ... >>> la suite...

Eavonka Ettinger
Long Beach, CA USA

not letting go
of mum's palm
the coriander leaves

ne pas laisser s'échapper
de la paume de maman
les feuilles de coriandre

Twitter, 2022-12-24

>>> Analyse...
Haiku whose strength lies in the juxtaposition L1-L2 and L3. The reader will wonder about the connection between the two elements and this is what will produce the strength of the discourse. A figure ... >>> la suite...

Nair Dapayan
Silchar, Assam India

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