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Year 2023 : from February 16th to 28th

fleurs de givre
un duo de bel canto
réchauffe la nuit

Le Coucou du Haïku, 2023-02-18

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Haiku based on both an opposition and a triple sensorial perception. Opposition: Hot versus Cold without clearly being Interior versus Exterior but we suppose it. These two oppositions are generally l ... >>> la suite...

Annie Chassing
Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val de Marne France

premier arbre en fleurs
au bord du périphérique
l'abri de migrants

Le Coucou du Haïku, 2023-02-18

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Discourse based on the archetype of Life but also more implicitly on that of the Border (peripheral) and this separation between migrants and inhabitants. It is the flowers in L1 that represent Life, ... >>> la suite...

Annie Chassing
Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val de Marne France

le bleu orangé
d'un crépuscule marin
au fond de l'impasse

Le Coucou du Haïku, 2023-02-17

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Strange discourse based on an opposition of colors in L1, on the archetypes of Night (evening) and Space. But for me, the strength of this haiku lies in L3. An opposition between the Space and the Clo ... >>> la suite...

Annie Chassing
Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, Val de Marne France

Petit déjeuner
le thé refroidi
deux haïku

Le Coucou du Haïku, 2023-02-18

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A rare haiku where the morning drink (coffee, tea) is not hot and therefore does not rely on the Hot versus Cold, Indoor versus Outdoor model. It is also an anti-meteo haiku because it does not rely o ... >>> la suite...

François Nkankeu
Bafoussam Cameroun

nouveau matin Parkinsonien
au jardin s'entrecroisent
les papillons

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-02-19

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Haiku of atmosphere through a light discourse (butterflies). A rare opposition between a heavy context (disease) and a pleasant environment. This opposition is here between the interior of the author ... >>> la suite...

Gérard Maréchal
Lyon France

crisp morning
rhubarb and brown sugar
in the oven

matin frisquet
rhubarbe et sucre caramel
dans le four

Twitter, 2023-02-17

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Here is a haiku mobilizing several sensations: cold, taste, crackling... Always effective. To note the oppositons Interior versus Exterior, Hot versus Cold and those, more subtle between the beginnin ... >>> la suite...

Eavonka Ettinger
Long Beach, CA USA

Image haiga

demolition site
the blossoms hug
an old school

(chantier de démolition
les fleurs s'accrochent à
une vieille école)

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Alan Summers
Chippenham, Wiltshire England

tant de poèmes
laissés au mort -
soir de funérailles

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-02-22

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Atmosphere haiku based on the archetypes of Death and Fall. One could also see there the Life which is running out (poems versus Death). Note the opposition between beginning and end. ... >>> la suite...

Philippe Quinta
Grabels France

Route du travail ~
Un héron me double
par le ciel

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-02-22

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A haiku where the author talks about herself without explicitly mentioning herself (L1). A figure to be well understood. Note the oppositions between High versus Low, Nature (heron) versus Anthropic ( ... >>> la suite...

Pascale Dehoux
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence France

pluie de février
pourtant au bout de la rue
le rose des prunus

Le Coucou du haïku, 2023-02-22

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Wonderful discourse that the sudden appearance of this color at the bottom of a street. The pink bursts in opposition with the gray of a winter rain. It is also the archetype of Life which is at work. ... >>> la suite...

Lilas Ligier

les ronces envahissent
le jardin abandonné

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-02-23

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A strange haiku with a discourse carried two opposite schemes. At first sight, it is the Life which is exhausted, the archetype of the Fall and the Death. Here the abandoned house, the garden left to ... >>> la suite...

Monique Junchat

Image haiga

Grüner Veltliner —
un zeste d’agrumes
dans le brouhaha d’Amsterdam

Grüner Veltliner —
a touch of citrus
in the Amsterdam hubbub

Facebook, 2023-02-28

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Minh-Triết Phạm
Paris France

rolling thunder
hidden nail marks
in her palm

le tonnerre roulant
marques d'ongles cachées
dans sa paume

Failed Haiku, Volume 8 Issue 87

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John Pappas
Boston (MA) USA

un petit coup d'œil
au bocal de sucre ~
demi lune

Facebook, 2023-02-28

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A banal discourse that seems to suggest a more social or political reading than the simple fact of having an empty jar. Sugar may be difficult to access in a country in crisis. It is also a compensati ... >>> la suite...

Sarra Masmoudi
Tunis Tunisie

November rain
the swaying palms
on the calendar

Pluie de novembre
le balancement des palmiers
du calendrier

Frogpond, Winter 2023

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Annette Makino
Arcata, CA USA

Image haiga

calm lake
an egret fishes
out the moon

lac calme
une aigrette pêche
la lune

The Japan Society Haiku Corner 2023 week 6

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Mona Bedi
Delhi India

death anniversary—
a curl of incense smoke
stuck on the ceiling

(anniversaire de la mort -
une boucle de fumée d'encens
qui reste au plafond)

Haiku Canada Review, February, 2016

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Haiku of heavy atmosphere carried by the archetypes of Death and Fragility. The discourse is also marked by the strange motif of smoke that cannot rise to the sky. This strangeness adds to the activit ... >>> la suite...

Nicholas David Klacsanzky
Seattle USA

Translated into English with the assistance of www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)