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Year 2023 : from March 1st to 15th

sickle moon
he kisses
my suicide scar

(lune faucille
il baise
ma cicatrice de suicide)

Failed Haiku issue 87

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An atmosphere haiku with the structure of a weather haiku, supporting a situation on a meteorological element to set the atmosphere. Except that here, it is a similarity of form between a scar and a t ... >>> la suite...

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarth India

Image haiga

worm moon
perwinkle blooms
in a bomb crater

lune du ver
la pervenche fleurit
dans un cratère de bombe

>>> Analyse...
Here is a case where the discourse may not be understandable outside its cultural zone. Lunations are not known in Europe. Their use is therefore delicate at the international level even if it is very ... >>> la suite...

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarth India

Image haiga

frost night
after our storm
I make tea in silence

nuit de givre
après notre orage
Je fais du thé en silence

Twitter, 2023-03-02

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Christina Chin

on his boots
another country's mud
spring offensive

sur ses bottes
la boue d'un autre pays
offensive de printemps

Five Fleas, March 2023

>>> Analyse...
No need for a long discourse, besides, there is no place for it in haiku. There is no room for the "message" either, there is nothing else to say. And then we would tell the reader what he should unde ... >>> la suite...

John Pappas
Boston (MA) USA

tempête de mars
dans le four à bois
l'odeur du levain

Facebook, 2023-03-12

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A beautiful haiku where feelings are added (cold, heat, smell, sound of the wind..). It is based on the oppositions Hot versus Cold, Interior versus Exterior, the agitation of the storm and the calm o ... >>> la suite...

Evelyne Bélard
Angaïs, Aquitaine France

nouvelle vie
dans la vieille théière en fonte
une pousse de jasmin

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-03-12

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Katie Chgt

gâteau d'anniversaire ~
il s'introduit par l'arrière-porte
le muezzin

Facebook, 2023-03-13

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Haiku with a discourse that is probably layered; that is, with several superimposed levels. This is always the case in situations, let us say "difficult". This figure is however very efficient because ... >>> la suite...

Sarra Masmoudi
Tunis Tunisie

rond-point fleuri ~
les gilets fluorescents
des gendarmes

Facebook, 2023-03-06

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Sarra Masmoudi
Tunis Tunisie

matin de tempête
dans le mimosa fleuri
la tronçonneuse

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-03-11

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Françoise Deniaud-Lelièvre

soleil rasant
l’ombre du poilu
s’évade du square

Facebook, 2023-03-05

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This haiku is carried by the archetype of the autonomy of the Shadow. A very old trouble present in our mind for millennia and used in many stories. There is however here, an opposition between the "l ... >>> la suite...

Gérard Dumon
Camaret France

corde à linge -
entre les ailes du papillon
un peu de vent

Facebook, 2023-02-16

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Laurence Faucher-Barrère
Perpignan France

vent glacial
par centaines écloses
fleurs de prunus

Facebook, 2023-02-26

>>> Analyse...
Haïku driven by the schema of the Life which overcomes, even if here, it is in threat with the icy wind. Note the opposition between L1 (Death) and L3 (Fragility) at both ends of the discourse. ... >>> la suite...

Isabelle Férandin

bleak morning
the empty snail shell
full of dew

matin morne
la coquille d'escargot vide
pleine de rosée

Fogpond, 2021-03 - Note de l'auteure: Ce haïku a une signification particulière pour moi, comme je l'ai écrit dans sa courte présentation : La coquille n'est pas imaginaire, je l'ai trouvé à côté des pierres tombales de mes parents par un froid matin de novembre. J'ai toujours cette coquille.

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Mona Iordan
Bucarest Roumanie

sortie du tunnel
jaillissant d'une large courbe
un arc-en-ciel

Facebook, 2023-03-12

>>> Analyse...
Fiat Lux ! Let there be light! A simple illustration of a fundamental "biblical" element in our unconscious. And moreover the Light is colored, which adds an epiphany after a long journey in the Nigh ... >>> la suite...

Elsa Querne
Pontault Combault France

fenêtre embuée
une main tremblante
agite le rideau

Un Haïku par jour, 2023-03-02

>>> Analyse...
Haiku of disturbing atmosphere, probably carried by the archetype of the Fall glimpsed at a window. The context is not known, and therefore, the reader will have to provide it with his own experience ... >>> la suite...

Raphaël Detrie

blue light dawn
footprints in the snow
leading nowhere

lumière bleue de l'aube
les traces de pas dans la neige
ne mènent nulle part

Twitter 2023-03-09

>>> Analyse...
Mystery (yugen) is the driving force of this haiku. Simple footprints of the night have neither origin nor destination. They are neither cause nor purpose and therefore escape reasoning. That is why t ... >>> la suite...

John Hawkhead

Image haiga

a murmur
of hot air rising
old gossips

un murmure
de l'air chaud qui s'élève
de vieilles rumeurs

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Eavonka Ettinger
Long Beach, CA USA

all I can collect
in the urn

tout ce que je peux recueillir
dans l'urne

Twitter, 2023-03-14

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Nair Dapayan
Silchar, Assam India

the box with childhood photos
warning label

Twitter, 2023-03-12

>>> Analyse...
A whole deep discourse evoked by a simple connection of two insignificant elements. Minimalist on the surface, extensive in depth. Each one will be able to supplement it with its experiment and to app ... >>> la suite...

Hege A. J. Lepri
Oslo Norway

the fush-van
feshes a snowk o the sea
tae the causey

the fish-van
fetches a smell of the sea
to the street

Le poissonnier
apporte une odeur de mer
dans la rue

Zen speug, 2023-03-02

John McDonald
Edinburgh Scotland (UK)

arbre en bourgeons -
le vent effrange le vert
d'un sac plastique

Carnets d'un haïjin, 2023-03-11

>>> Analyse...
A discourse sometimes met that of the plastic replacing the leaves of trees. It is carried by the opposition between the Nature and the Anthropic (artificial productions). ... >>> la suite...

Damien Gabriels
Leers France

nuit de givre -
à chaque battement de paupières
de nouvelles étoiles

Carnets d'un haïjin, 2023-03-04

>>> Analyse...
A strange and unexpected connection. It seems to me to see there two intermingled discourses. That of the night of frost and stars; that of the points of light (stars, phosphenes: luminous phenomena i ... >>> la suite...

Damien Gabriels
Leers France

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