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Year 2023 : from March 16th to 31th

winter sunset
the drill of an oil rig
breaks the reverie

coucher de soleil hivernal
le forage d'une plate-forme pétrolière
casse la rêverie

Honorary Mention in A Little Haiku Contest by the Croatian Haiku Magazine IRIS

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Discourse based on oppositions. First between the human (reverie) and the technical (drilling), between Heavy (drilling) and Light (reverie), between ICi (reverie) and Là-bas (drilling). It is also a ... >>> la suite...

Mona Bedi
Delhi India

grésil de mars
sur les patates au feu
beurre et gros sel

Le Coucou du Haïku, 2023-03-22

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Classic discourse based on the oppositions Interior versus Exterior, Hot versus Cold. We add the archetype of the Shelter and an opposition-similarity between the sleet and the coarse salt. These two ... >>> la suite...

Choupie Moysan
Vannes France

tsss tsss
des braises -
pluie de printemps

Facebook, 2023-03-05

>>> Analyse...
Rare haiku with an onomatopoeia (in L1). For the remaining, the discourse is based on an opposition (Hot versus Cold), an archetype (Fire). One could also see there an opposition at the deep level bet ... >>> la suite...

Mudhar Al Iraqi
Baghdad Irak

evening walk
in my shadow
the first daisies

promenade de printemps
dans mon ombre
les premières marguerites

week’s selection in the Nick Virgilio Haiku Association, March 15th, 2023

>>> Analyse...
Haiku based on the opposition between the Self and the World (daisies) but the Self is delegated to the Shadow which then plays an active role (an archetype). Note that the interest of the speech appe ... >>> la suite...

Daniela Misso

fleurs d'amandier -
de branche en branche
le noir d'une pie

Facebook, 2023-03-09

>>> Analyse...
It is the Black (by the way a black point), an archetype that plays the active role of the discourse. It appears at the end; which forces the reader to wait for this end before understanding the meani ... >>> la suite...

Mélanie Bosc
Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume France

Image haiga

giboulées de mars
de ses ongles rubis

Facebook, 2023-03-29

>>> Analyse...
The discourse is based on an opposition between the greyness of the rain and the bright color of the nail varnish. A red color, bright but also the first color in our Imaginary. The Active Point is a ... >>> la suite...

Isabelle Lamant Meunier
Aubervilliers France

sugarless tea
the discord that is yet
to be resolved

thé sans sucre
la controverse encore
à résoudre

featured in Stardust haiku.

>>> Analyse...
The usual discourse is based on sugar as compensation for a difficult situation. Here, it is the same thing but the absence of sugar marks the bitterness of the situation. Sugar is not here in compens ... >>> la suite...

Mona Bedi
Delhi India

lever du jour -
la cafetière crachote
dans le chant d'un merle

Carnets d'un Haïjin

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Damien Gabriels
Leers France

jardin du souvenir -
sur la branche d'un prunus
les premières fleurs

Carnets d'un Haïjin

>>> Analyse...
Discourse leafed through with several readings. One can see the first flowers in the abstract sense as a fleeting memory. One can also see these flowers as the youth of the author. Two readings for a ... >>> la suite...

Damien Gabriels
Leers France

maison mise en vente
l'odeur de renfermé
de mon enfance

Gong 79, avril-juin 2023

>>> Analyse...
Smell is an efficient way to recall memories. It stays with us for a long time, associated with images. But the activity of this haiku lies rather in the fact that the house seems to want to remember ... >>> la suite...

Eléonore Nickolay
Vaires sur Marne France

montée de lait
de plus en plus lourds
les nuages

Gong 79, avril-juin 2023

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Coralie Creuzet
Laroque-des-Albères,Pyrénées-Orientales France

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